ARC Tutoring

Learning is the only option

ARC Tutoring is an after-school academic tutoring program. Its focus is to serve state-designated Program Improvement schools and their communities by providing an intensive program of reading/language arts, math, and ESL for students in K-8th grade.

ARC Tutoring session in San Jose, 12/10/2009

ARC Tutoring programs are characterized by careful assessment of each student, strong relationships with the child’s regular teachers and parents, individual learning plans adapted for each student, small groups formulated to foster student growth, multilingual/ multicultural staff, and training and supervision by excellent and experienced teachers.

Students in our programs are placed in skill level groups according to their performance on a diagnostic test administered upon entering ARC Tutoring, and are reevaluated regularly and regrouped when needed. Small group learning allows tutors to focus on individual students’ learning styles and build new learning based on students’ successes. Curriculum materials are aligned with state-adopted academic standards, and instruction takes place at the students’ school. Site coordinators and lead tutors are assigned to each school program, and tutors are hired on a regular basis to work at the school sites.

Our programs address the needs and build on the strengths of each and every student, and have found success in many underachieving schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County.


The 2000 No Child Left Behind Act authorized Supplemental Educational Services (SES) designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools that have not met State targets for increasing student achievement. ARC Associates was first approved by the State of California as an SES provider in 2002, which enables us to provide 50 hours of free tutoring to every student enrolled in our program.

ARC Tutoring program is characterized by:

School Districts

Bay Area:

  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • West Contra Costa
  • San Jose
  • Stockton

Southern California:

  • Orange
  • South Whittier
  • El Rancho

For more information about ARC Tutoring, please contact us at:

Phone: 510-834-9455 x 111