Pacific Islander Kie Association (PIKA)

Community support for Pacific Islanders in Oakland

PIKA is a grassroots volunteer organization that advocates and promotes the empowerment of Pacific Islander families and youth through community organizing, education, youth leadership projects, and cultural and contemporary arts. PIKA members include Pan-Pacific parents, educators, artists and community organizers.

Healthy Heart Healthy Mind Program

Funded by the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth, the HHHM Program is based on the need to improve academic outcomes and health education specifically in Oakland's Pacific Islander community.

Healthy Heart Healthy Mind serves 30 PI high school students and provides them with an integrated school year and summer program including:

HHHM participants serve as role models for other PI youth and the larger PI community. Other events include:

High school students involved with HHHM attend:


Pacific Islanders face pervasive poverty, health problems, obesity, poor academic performance, incarceration, and cultural oppression within the "Asian-Pacific Islander" demographic as well as in the larger community. Pacific Islander youth are a small, poorly understood, and highly underserved part of Oakland's youth population.

Meaning ‘fine mat’ in Tongan (or ‘ie’ in Samoan), the word ‘kie’ has extraordinary artistic, cultural, spiritual and monetary significance. PIKA chose ‘kie’ as its cultural symbol to represent the importance of weaving and uniting diverse Pacific cultures, traditions, and values, without losing one’s own identity. Like the kie, PIKA strives to become a strong foundation for Pacific Islanders in Oakland, where it can create lasting social change for its communities.

PIKA’s youth development programs are powerful vehicles for educating and empowering youth within the context of their own interests, experiences and communities. PIKA incorporates the principles of cultural and self-awareness, articulating one’s own voice, listening actively and respectfully to others, critical thinking, leadership development, social skills development, continuing education, career exploration, community service, and social action.


PIKA works closely with the following organizations that also serve the PI community in the Bay Area:

Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership (AYPAL)

Loto Taha Pasifika (LTP)


For more information about PIKA, please contact Janine at

Phone: 510-834-9455 x115