Curriculum Materials

ARC publishes a small collection of classroom materials developed by our staff and collaborating agencies. These materials are free and available to the public and used in classrooms all over the country.

Our Stories, Our Lives – “Nuestras Historias, Nuestras Vidas”

These volumes contain a heartwarming collection of stories written by immigrant parents who describe their native countries, cultures, memories of growing up, falling in love, building a family, coming to the United States, starting a new life, and struggling to make their dreams for their children come true.

The stories grew out of a Title VII project in Oakland in which parents came together every week to explore and record the stories of their lives. The stories are published in both English and Spanish and are accompanied by personal photographs. The writings are dramatic, sad, ironic, humorous and poignant. Above all, they represent the authentic voices of immigrants and celebrate the humanity and wisdom they have to offer to us all.

Volume I (1992), 82pp (download)
Volume II (1993), 146pp (download)
Volume III (1995), 166pp (download)

Through Our Eyes

In these four volumes of youth writings, urban teens write about the events and people in their lives. The project was produced by the New Faces of Liberty program with a grant from the Zellerbach Family Fund, and distributed by ARC Associates. Their stories are powerful reading for classrooms, libraries and teacher education classes.

Through Our Eyes, Issue One (1992), Young Immigrant Life (download)
Through Our Eyes, Issue Two (1996), Stories of Family Life (download)
Through Our Eyes, Issue Three (1996), Plus 10: Stories of a 6th Grade Class, 1986 to 1996 (download)
Through Our Eyes, Issue Four (1997), School choice: Stories about Education and Unexpected Learning (download)

Vosaniyagona – “Talking Root,” A Path Back to Our Ancestors: An Anthology of Polynesian Art, Poetry and Culture

A project of the Pacific Island Kie Association (PIKA) and the Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership (AYPAL)