Chinese Language Arts Materials - Level III

Teacher's Handbook (B/W Illus.)

Each volume contains ten lessons. Each lesson has a list of vocabulary, grammatical notes, cultural notes and a sequence of oral drills for both Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. The emphasis at this level is on developing reading and writing skills.
Identity (Lessons 1-10) (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20) (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30) (download)

Student Workbook (B/W illus.)

Each volume contains character-writing practice sheets and other exercises designed to increase reading and writing skills.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 119pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20). 119pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30), 119pp (download)

Student Reader (B/W illus.)

Basic vocabulary and sentence structures are introduced. New characters are learned at a pace of thirteen characters per reading selection. The selections range in length from 200 to 300 characters. Selections include incidents in American and Asian American history, Chinese folktales, and contemporary stories.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 61 pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 61 pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30), 61 pp (download)

Chinese Language Arts Reader - level III