Chinese Language Arts Materials - Level II

Teacher's Handbook (B/W illus.)

Each volume contains ten lessons. Each lesson has a list of Mandarin and Cantonese speakers, and sample teaching activities.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 82 pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 88 pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30). 100pp (download)

Student Workbook (B/W illus.)

Each volume contains character-writing practice sheets and other exercises designed to increase reading and writing skills.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 100pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 100pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30), 100pp (download)

Student Reader (B/W illus.)

Each volume contains ten lessons to evaluate to which students have become familiar with the linguistic aspects of Chinese taught at this level. There is a test for each of the three student readers, to be used following completion of the corresponding lesson.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 41pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 48 pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30), 64 pp (download)

Chinese Language Arts Reader - level II