Chinese Language Arts Materials - Level I

Teacher's Handbook (B/W illus.)

Each volume discusses the philosophy, rationale, and design of notes, and a sequence of oral drills for both Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. Included are sample lesson plans, activities, and step-by-step instructions.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 81 pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 63 pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30), 69 pp (download)

Student Workbook (B/W illus.)

These three workbooks contain writing practice sheets and comprehension activities. The books are cross-referenced to the readers.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 104pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 101pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30). 92 pp (download)

Student Reader (B/W Illus)

The volumes contain 30 lessons corresponding to those in the Teacher's Handbook and introduce basic vocabulary words and sentence structures. New words are introduced with Cantonese and Mandarin Romanization and Mandarin phonetic symbols.
Identity (Lessons 1-10), 47pp (download)
Needs (Lessons 11-20), 42 pp (download)
Interaction (Lessons 21-30),(download)

Chinese Language Arts Reader - level I