Chinese Language Arts Materials

The Chinese Language Arts curriculum is the result of six years of research, development, and testing and is specifically designed for beginning Chinese language learners in the United States. This elementary level instructional series is organized in four levels: Introductory Level, Level I, Level II, and Level III.

The Introductory Level curriculum contains materials for kindergarten students. Each of the other three levels contains instructional materials for two school years. The curriculum focuses on developing reading and writing skills at the beginning levels. New characters, words, phrases, idioms, and patterns are gradually introduced as the students advance through the series. Language skills are reinforced through exercises in the student workbook.

Upon completing the entire series, students will have learned approximately one thousand characters and most of the basic sentence structures in Chinese. With proper adaptations, this curriculum program can serve the needs of students taking Chinese as a second language or as a primary language program while studying English. The materials are written in Chinese unless otherwise noted.

Introductory Level

Teacher's Handbook

Lists objectives, materials, and activities for 30 lessons, each introduces 40 characters for students to reproduce and another 25 characters for recognition. 135pp. (download)

Student Workbook

(Cross-referenced to the Teacher's Handbook.) This book contains worksheets, games, puzzles and other exercises designed to increase students' ability to recognize and reproduce characters. 153pp, B/W illus. (download)

Picture Book

Contains teaching pictures that accompany the Teacher's Handbook. May be used as a coloring book. 92pp, B/W illus. (download)