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Our Mission

ARC Associates is a non-profit agency dedicated to promoting educational excellence and equity for underserved students of diverse backgrounds, their families, and communities.

ARC offers a variety of services to schools and communities. We are committed to improving academic achievement by assisting schools to better serve diverse learners, and promoting equity and improving race relations by creating conditions for the empowerment of underserved individuals.

Our Vision

We are a community driven by our commitment to a better, more equitable tomorrow. We strive to address the underlying causes of inequality and injustice. We want all students to have access to educational opportunities where they can develop to their fullest potential, rooted in a respect for differences and an enduring sense of our common humanity. In this tomorrow all children and adults feel valued and affirmed for who they are and acquire the skills and understandings they need to survive, thrive and participate in building a more just and democratic society.

Our History

Recognizing the need for a concerted effort to improve the education of immigrant students, ARC was founded in 1977 to develop curriculum materials and conduct research on best practices for those students. As our experience and expertise have grown, the scope of our work has broadened to encompass a much more inclusive constituency of underserved students and their communities.

We now have over thirty years of experience in working collaboratively with educators, educational leaders, schools and districts to develop programs and initiate reforms that make education more accessible and effective for underserved children, adults, and their communities.

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